Talking About My Generation

After watching Jon Stewart battle (more like school) Jim Cramer tonight on “The Daily Show,” I realized how much of an icon he really is to our generation. Joe Scarborough earlier this week called his audience’s nightly response Pavlovian, and I guess he is right to some extent. Jon Stewart understands, or at least understands how to manipulate, us. Either way, it struck me how much he ‘gets’ us.

That got me thinking, I am not sure about the exact age limitations of my generation, but I would consider anyone that can relate to Jon Stewart at least up for consideration. So what other criteria is required to be met to be part of this generation? Not sure, but so far, I think my generation must at least be able to relate to these five moments/icons/whatevers in some fashion:

  • “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”
  • Barack Obama
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • 9/11

Killing two birds with one stone, here is a video clip of Jim Cramer on “The Daily Show” from YouTube. The clips can be painfully biting. Viewer discretion is advised.


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